World’s Beefiest Soccer Player Celebrates Team’s Historic Promotion With Delightful Interview


I’m very happy whenever the world’s most swole soccer player is in the news

There isn’t another soccer player in the world like Adebayo Akinfenwa. The 38-year-old striker has spent the better part of the past two decades toiling in relative obscurity in the third- and fourth-highest leagues in England playing for teams like Torquay United and Rushden & Diamonds. But he’s by far the most famous player at that level of English football. Why? Because he’s the strongest soccer player in the world.

Akinfenwa has the honor of being the player with the highest strength rating ever year in the FIFA game series and one look at him makes it obvious why. He’s a barrel-chested man with biceps like pythons and a mountain range where his shoulders should be. He looks like you took an NFL linebacker and plopped him in the middle of a soccer pitch. And yet, he’s still as agile and skillful as you’d expect a striker to be.

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