Stanford Cuts and Ivy League’s Fall Sports Decision Are Just the Beginning for College Athletics


Wednesday was the worst day in college sports since THE worst day, March 12, when COVID-19 shut everything down. The bad news emanated from both coasts, then hit in the heartland as well. It was a daunting, sobering, ominous day.

Ohio State, which fields more varsity athletic teams than any school in the nation, paused voluntary workouts for seven programs after an undisclosed number of positive COVID-19 tests, joining a growing list of schools to halt efforts to bring back sports. Earlier, the Ivy League announced that it will play no varsity sports for the rest of the calendar year—maybe they’ll try to move the fall sports to spring 2021, but there are no guarantees. And before both of those dispiriting decisions arrived, Stanford dropped this stunner: the preeminent all-sports athletic program in America is dropping 11 varsity programs after the 2020–21 season ends.

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