Logitech G602 Mouse Not Working After Battery Change, Maybe Logitech Stopped Manufacturing the G602 to Replace

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logitech g602

Back in June, when Logitech released its new MX Anywhere 2 mouse, my G602 suddenly stopped working. Thinking my G602 died, I began searching for a new one, but upon opening my battery compartment to replace the battery, my G602 suddenly worked again.

Logitech G602 mouse not working after battery change

The Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse not working after battery change can be solved by replacing the rechargeable battery. This mouse is Bluetooth compatible, but needs to be powered with a battery. The battery life can be up to 18 months, but the mouse will not be functional if the battery dies. You can purchase replacement batteries at your local electronics store or through Logitech’s website. Changing the battery should only take a few minutes, and it will be good as new.


Who has had the Logitech G602 mouse stop working completely after the batteries went dead?

The Logitech G602 mouse was bought in November 2014. The battery went dead in January 2016, and after that, the mouse stopped working completely. After the batteries died, the mouse stopped working completely. There are no lights on the mouse, and it does not move at all.


The accuracy of exclusive, wireless computer mice.

The accuracy of exclusive, wireless computer mice have been questioned over the years. In the 1990s, the more accurate optical mouse was popular. In 2005, a study by South Korean researchers at Seoul National University found that wireless mice had a higher level of inaccuracy than their wired counterparts. Another study done in 2008 by Swedish researchers found that mice were more accurate when connected via a cable. We conclude that wireless mice are less accurate than wired mice.



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