Gambling 101: Major League Soccer Betting


As part of a deal with FIFA, to host the 1994 World Cup tournament, U.S. Soccer agreed to form a Division 1 professional soccer league. Established in 1993, Major League Soccer was officially formed in 1995 and league play began with 10 teams in 1996. From the regular season start in early March, through to the MLS Cup Championship match in October, a variety of betting options are available. MLS offers are similar to European soccer wagering choices.

Goal Line MLS Betting Odds

Three-way goal lines are offered as a common MLS spread betting option. From the odds below, Inter Miami CF is a -1 goal favorite and the Herons must win by two goals or more to collect $360 on every $100 bet. Orlando City is posted as a +1 goal underdog and the Lions need to win outright or tie to earn $100 on each $165 wager. Handicap Draw is the winning side if Inter Miami CF wins by just one goal. Each $100 bet on a winning draw wager earns a $340 return.

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