Fantasy Football’s BIG Sleeper List for 2020 Drafts

Fantasy Football's BIG Sleeper List for 2020 Drafts

Sports Illustrated’s Big Sleeper List

Perhaps the most popular albeit overused term in fantasy football is “sleeper.” Yet identifying a sleeper for your fantasy football drafts is crucial to a team’s success. Since the dawn of the internet, round the clock news cycle, and the countless twitter updates from every team’s group of beat reporters has diluted the phrase sleeper so much, it no longer holds the same definition it once had during the days before social media.

So what does sleeper mean in 2020?

Well for starters, it means a player you want to draft that not only has upside but has statistical projections that suggest an outperformance of his current cost (Average Draft Position). That player could be anything from a rookie, a seasoned veteran, a player that was traded, or signed with a new team.

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