Even After Agreeing to Change the Name, Dan Snyder Still Won’t Admit He Was Wrong


Dan Snyder grew up cheering for Washington’s NFL team, seeing what he wanted to see and believing what he wanted to believe. “Redskins” was not a slur to him; it was who he cheered for on Sundays. This is understandable. He was a kid. Snyder’s failure came in adulthood, when he bought the team and still viewed its name like a child’s favorite toy: It’s mine, and nobody can take it from me.

Everything Snyder has done with the name has been about a fight. He didn’t listen to people who were hurt by the name. He cited flawed polls that told him what he wanted to hear. He tried to buy his way out of criticism. He caved only because of financial pressure from sponsors. Even in the end, when he announced he would change the name, he did so grudgingly, from the @Redskins Twitter account, with the offensive logo on the letterhead, in a statement that mentioned the “proud, tradition rich franchise” but not the Indigenous people who demanded the change. Dan Snyder sees what he must do, but he still won’t admit why.

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