As NFL Players, We Face Unknowns Just Like the Rest of the Country



February 4 seems like so long ago. That was the night the Kansas City Chiefs became Super Bowl Champions. A little over a month later, with COVID-19 spreading across the country, the world wondered: Would there be football again in 2020? State guidelines told people to stay inside and everything was shut down. No fear; football season was months away—it will get figured out. Players didn’t care about football in March and April, everyone just wanted to be safe. We locked ourselves and our family members in our homes and said, “Let’s wait this out.” Time passed, and not much changed—and rarely did we get any answers. Then, on May 25, while so many people were at home staying safe, we all witnessed the horrid killing of George Floyd. The country went from a full standstill to an all-out uproar. Anger, sadness, heartbreak, justice and death became words we saw every day. Players became visible all across the country, and, again, football seemed so far away. In May and June, the question turned into, “How do we join the fight for social justice and equality for all?” Now, here we are in mid-July, and every player is thinking about football again. So, what exactly does the 2020 NFL player look like?

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